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What a platform is?

The front-end of a site is a set of related web pages generated by a special program – an engine or WCMS (web content management system) or simply CMS.

Over the decade, modern CMS has grown into platforms on which programmers sell modules for engines (“spare parts for tuning sites”) to web developers, and web developers, in turn, create websites from these modules.

Similar to the Android and iOS operating systems, CMS platforms have spawned entire ecosystems that have become a kind of religion for many web developers. Almost every web developer will persist in proving the advantages of their favorite platform over others.

❓ So what exactly is a website platform? WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Tilda, Vigbo, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Opencart – the list goes on for quite some time. All these are platforms that allow you to solve the main task – website creation.

📣 The platform is a software package that allows you to generate web pages for a site, manage the content of these pages using convenient user interfaces and connect all kinds of modules to the site that expand its functionality.

🔗 To understand more about platforms, read our next post on what platform types are and how they differ.

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