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- February 2019

Wedding agency Ori

This project is one of the most important for us. It took 3 months and a lot of effort to accomplish branding and a website which creates real value for our customer’s clients.
While making corporate site for the agency in fact our task was to implement an online store for the wedding agency services and install an interactive constructor of wedding packages.

Weddings are being sold mostly offline so the real challenge was to create a trustworthy presentation of the company selling it’s complicated services online. It took tons of photo and text content as well as real clients reviews to create the proper image and get good results from the website.



Location specific font for logo

The problem of the logo was to make it as simple as possible maintaining the central idea – geography of the agency. We’ve adopted Georgian language style letters to create a unique font for the brand logo.

Feedback from our client

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that JARA Studio made our business. It is so important for our couples to feel by intuition that their choice is right and they surf our website entirely to find every little bit of trust they need. The end product is our most reliable tool for convincing and converting.

-Evgenia Lega, General manager, Ori wedding agency