Jara Studio


We identify ourselves as techno-geeks. We believe in technology as the main advantage of any business.


Hello, we are
JARA Studio

Founded in 2019 Jara Studio is customer’s business-oriented web development company.

what we do

Clear approach and positioning

Engine based solutions

Choosing between comfort of the developer and the customer we never do wrong – CMS engines are created for the end user and we master almost any website engine to provide you with the most comfortable way of living further with your website.

Turn-key approach

We hate irresponsible careless solutions with tails and roots you should handle on your own. We do the opposite – you will get 100% working solution nicely boxed with additional services and support.

Narrow positioning

We never try to appeal to everyone. We’ve chosen very narrow customer segment and are trying to provide the best solution possible in this specific segment. Read more in our guide on how to choose a web developer.

Fast, quality and inexpensive

Who said it is not possible? Lazy ducks. We are business oriented professionals and we deliver non-compromising solutions for business which are fast, quality and doesn’t make you starve after.

Client see

Feedback from our clients.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that JARA Studio made our business. It is so important for our couples to feel by intuition that their choice is right and they surf our website entirely to find every little bit of trust they need. The end product is our most reliable tool for convincing and converting.

Evgenia Lega
Wedding agency Ori | General manager